Good post-workout eats in Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for its restaurants and coffee culture. What is also great about this culture are the little cafes that have cropped up everywhere, so when you are looking for a bite to eat after a workout, you can find yourself in some very unforgettable Melbourne treasures.

Here is a partial list from a range of my favorite little ‘recovery’ eating stops in and about Melbourne:

Post bike ride, you generally need more sustenance, if you have been on the Mountain Bike near King Lake or even out on the road bike, Smiths Gully General Store is the pick of the bunch. Not surprisingly this is located in Smiths Gully just near Panton Hill and before the famous St Andrews Bakery – another option out on the north east side of town.

Bayside bike rides can finish well in St Kilda, and the pick of the bunch is Racer café, just near Luna Park of Couderoy St Café near Catani Gardens. At both cafes you wont feel out of place in your lycra, and you will also find some great food recovery choices.

Post run I would recommend Armstrong Street in Middle Park for an array of cafes, and also a soak in the bay to improve your recovery.

If you have just completed a triathlon, or maybe smashed out a Portsea return bike ride, Andrews Hamburgers in ‘Vic Ave’ is the very necessary feed. Some say the best hamburgers in the country. These get many athletes home after a tough workout.

If you need food at the other end of the bay in Sorrento, there are plenty of cafes in the main drag, and apparently Australia’s best vanilla slice in the Sorrento backer.

‘Stringers’ at the turn off to Portsea does the best coffee according to locals. If you are really going for a tough run, and heading out to the famous training ground referred to by Melbourne’s elite runners as ‘ferny’, there are a few cafes along the tourist road up to 1000 steps, in Kallista or Sherbrooke. Some like to eat on the way home, and High Street Malvern has a great selection of cafes on the way home. Heading out of town, Lorne past Geelong provides some of the best road and MTB riding in the country.

The best post ride places in Lorne are ‘Pizza Pizza’ and ‘Bottle of Milk’, both on Mountjoy Parade, and both fantastic little locally run eateries. As a general rule of thumb, make sure your post workout meal has been earned with regard to effort put in. It is also a good habit to keep your long café sessions to an occasional habit rather than a regular habit. After all, fitness gains come from consistent training over time, not café eating.

Have fun, but keep everything in balance.

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